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Clare Louise

Because there are so many ways in which slot machine games’ payout odds may be set, picking the “best” game is ultimately a question of preference. While you’re at it, however, have a look at these search tips.

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Slot games’ probabilities and odds of winning are shown in one of three ways.

In a classic land-based casino, you could see a metal plate or sticker attached to a machine’s control panel that says, “this game is expected to pay 1:5 times.” There is inconsistency in the phrase. You can visit here for more.

  • You may find odds somewhat dissimilar to this on lottery tickets. According to certain sources. As the ratio decreases, the more likely it becomes that the game will eventually pay out a prize. The ratio does not often reveal the likelihood that a game will offer high prizes rather than tiny ones. However, it stands to reason that a game’s average prize pool value will be larger if it offers fewer rewards overall than if it did so more often.
  • Bear in mind that they are only averages, as these ratios are concerned. No assurance can be given that any certain number, kind, or frequency of awards will be awarded, even if such a number, type, or frequency is projected.
  • Slot machine games often include a “help” and “pays” screen. It’s common for there to be many screens detailing the rules for triggering bonus games and the payouts for various symbol combinations. For example, “this game provides a possible return to player of X%,” may be shown on the final screen of several of these games. Video games often have a conclusion screen that describes the rules of the game and include this comment there. X% might be in the 60th to 99th percentile. It’s impossible for it to ever reach 100%.

Slot machines have a low return to player % compared to other casino games, as is pointed out in a number of books and publications. However, it is not always the case. Manufacturers and casinos have been increasing slot machines’ expected RTPs steadily over the last two decades in response to rising levels of market competition. Presently, 92%-98% RTP is the norm for slot games. Make a visit to joker 123 here.

On a small number of older online slot games, we found a predicted “house advantage” comment rather than a ratio or an estimated return to player statement. Although uncommon, such games do exist. House edge refers to the difference between the actual return to player and the maximum return to player. The house has an 8% edge over the player if the RTP is 92%.

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If you’re going to be playing slot machines, volatility is something you should think about.

The volatility or variance of a slot machine game describes how often players may expect to cash in their winnings. The previously defined ratio may be used to characterize the volatility or variation of the slot game. At this time, this is just a prediction and not a promise.


There is a common misconception among slot players that the higher the volatility of a slot machine (i.e., the less often it pays out prizes) the greater the potential for big winnings. This is not always the case, however. As the outcomes of slot machine games are determined by random number generators, any one game may have a prolonged stretch of very frequent payouts or an exceptionally long interval between payments.

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