Crazy Time Slot Game – Everything To Know

Anita A. Henry

Gaming experiences with huge prizes are the most exciting live games available. Crazy time is such a game show packed with actions. You can play it on any device, on your browser, and can stand a chance to win huge prizes. This is a casino game. The title itself suggests professional hosts and the concept of dynamic wheels. Four bonus games can be played: Pachinko, where you can trigger massive multipliers, searching for prizes in Cash Hunt, in a gigantic wheel going big, or boosting winnings in a coin flip. 

This game show was an evolutionary creation by one of the top brands of live casino software. This ensures your expectations for sophisticated production values and likable hosts, and an outstanding gaming experience from start to finish. 

Everything To Know About Crazy Time Slot Game

For your “How to play?” question, the one-word answer would be simple. The game revolves around the studio’s multicolored Money Wheel interface and the top slots displayed above it. The wheel contains 54 segments marked as 1, 2, 5, or 10 numbers or bonus games. 

The Top Slot and the wheel start spinning simultaneously when a random bet is placed by someone (on a number or a bonus game), which is the beginning of each game. For each chance, a multiplier is added. If a spot and a multiplier align horizontally in the Top slot, the multiplier gets added to that particular relevant spot of bet. Thus, if the flapper of the money wheel stops on top of your chosen number segment, you win, and if it points on a bonus game, you will have an immediate chance of playing another game.

The multipliers on the Top Slot get multiplied by any multipliers that show up in the bonus game. No multiplier in the game continues if the multiplier and the bet spot fail horizontal alignment in the Top Slot. 

If you are familiar with roulette, this game will be easier to understand. First, you have to decide the spot you believe will win on the Money Wheel at the end and place your chip on the apt bonus game or number. Hereafter your glamorous presenter spins the wheel and keeps watching if the flapper stops on the number or the bonus game you choose. 

If you participated in the game by placing a chip on the particular bet spot, you could only play, but others have to watch only. Thus, they will be the spectators of your game. 

This game gives no free spin rounds but allows you to play four bonus games. But if you are new to their site, you will be provided with 108 free spins as a newcomer for your signing up and making a deposit. 

Free Spins

The 108 free spins get added to your account, and you can play outstanding slots as many as you want at your own will and discretion. Hence, it is quite a fun game, and slowly you get a hang of it.

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