A Newcomer’s Guide to Different Table Layouts of Baccarat Play

Anita A. Henry

Baccarat, due to its simple rules, has grown to become one of the most popular casino games. It is loved among both low rollers and high rollers, due to the variations in the table layout of the game.

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The various table layouts in the game of baccarat are mentioned below:

1.      Big table

Big table baccarat is the one that is usually reserved for the high rollers of the game, for the VIP only. The oval shaped, full-sized table has yellow-colored numbers on each side from 1 to 15. The numbers 13 and 4 are excluded owing to them bringing a bad luck as believed by some. With three dealers and three betting areas, before initiating the game, dealer will greet the players and provide chips in exchange for the money.

2.      Mini table

Mini baccarat table is popular due to its simple rules. Both high rollers and low rollers can place their bets here. However, this one will accommodate only 7 players with the caller at the center of the table. The betting covers numbers from 1 to 7 and also, the color of betting areas of the player and the banker is different.

3.      Online table

The most preferred of the types of baccarat play table is the online table. The online casinos, including 우리카지노, one of the famous ones in Korea, are thriving because you can place your bets online. It’s similar to the game play at the mini table layout.

Playing either of three is simple just with a few differences, making it easy for even a newbie to try their luck at baccarat.

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